Bring Loud Luxury to UVA!

Bring Loud Luxury to UVA!

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  • Congrats, UVA. Date & locations TBA
  • We're exploring venues.
  • We had to responsibly (and begrudgingly) halt sales should we up in one of them
  • If you see members of the Up & Up UVA team, give them a pound (Covid) because they were remarkable and add @upandup_uva

What's Next?

  • If you bought a Pre-Sale, we will charge your card shortly
  • Once we announce date/location, we offer a 3-Day refund policy if you cannot attend
  • After announcing date/location, new tickets will available (higher price) after we process refunds requests and when some credit cards transactions don't correctly process
  • After we fulfill refunds during that 3-day stretch, we will then convert all pre-sales from confirmed attendees into formal tickets (Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, etc.)

Contact us at if you have ANY questions.

Please add us on Instagram for more news, updates and any special VIP giveaways we're planning.

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